Dear Trailblazer, Visionary, Game-changer,Rule-breaker, Future-shaper… Luminary.

Are you somebody who has a deep and compelling need to take what you know or have to a bigger more refined audience?
Are you somebody who will do whatever it takes to express your work in the world?
Are you prepared to use a very unique, high quality and tried-and-tested method to do this?
Do you have a powerful, unique and trailblazing message that just HAS to get out into the world now?
Whether it’s through your art, writing, speaking or designs – are you aching for the world to see you?
Are you fully committed and engaged with your calling to such a degree that you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO progress it?
Are you desperate to voice what is inside you and be seen?

I am a visionary filmmaker who has the unique ability to capture the essence of your soul’s work, your deepest story and transmit it through a beautiful and visually stimulating film.

I am able to amplify your work and your story so it TRULY elevates it. I’ll help you connect more deeply, entertain and communicate with your audience. You are a natural storyteller; you just need some expert support to unlock it.

I help you craft something that shows the world the fullest picture of you rather than just seeing the usual constricted version so many of us portray.

I have an expansive vision for you and I am going to catapult you into visibility.

These films are distinctive for many reasons, one being because I utilise nature… These are not studio films, they are high vibration location pieces. Why? There is an energy that exists in nature that you can feel and that is transmitted through the screen. I notice people come more alive when we film in nature and all those amazing vibes infuse with your spirit and we get the whole of you.

We use locations that speak to your spirit, that mean something to you. I also use some very interesting personality, psychometric and spiritual tools to find out what you actually came here for, to align your desire with your calling.

I want to reassure you, I am committed to this sacred process and I am there with you the whole way, this is what your soul has been longing for. I am excited to serve you and work to take you to new heights of visibility.

I can lead you to the place where you are able to open yourself up, so you come across as congruent and interesting and your fears dissipate. I use my own deeply intuitive abilities and my decades of experience in a plethora of industries, my own soul’s journey and my abilities, to see inside of you and find and reveal your full potential.

Your life will change after we work together.

These films are a powerful statement of who you are, what you stand for, and allow you to stand strongly and powerfully in your eminent visibility.


Welcome, Luminary!



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Your Call to Arms:

I know you have been afraid of lifting the veil and letting yourself been seen more deeply and truthfully, and of standing powerfully in what you stand for.

But that fear is gone now and all that is left is the desire to make it happen no matter what.

I know that feeling, I’ve been there too. I played the game of tempering and filtering myself for the world and that wasn’t congruent with my life and it nearly destroyed me.

I can help. I can help you been seen for who you really are and what you really want to say.

I can show you what your soul wants to share with the world.

Don’t wait one more minute of your precious life to make yourself as visible as possible.