Love, Water bottles and smarty pants ideas.

I get it!  You are bored, frustrated and feeling stuck in your job. Thinking you might just have more in you than what you are doing right now.   We all have to work, but do you agree that we can love our work, be inspired by it, feel like it is putting something good into the world?

Well these two people do, and here’s what these clever, previously bored-and-frustrated-in-their jobs people did to create amazing passion fuelled businesses.

But before that, i’ve got to start here & stick with me for the moment.  I promise it will all make sense

Many years ago I was pretty impressed when I read about a book called “The Message in Water” by Dr Masaru Emoto, a Japanese writer and researcher. The premise is that what you say to water will reflect in its chemical make up.

See this images below:

First the before picture.  Polluted Water from the Fujiwara Dam in Japan.

VJ_blog 3 image1

After picture:  Fujiwara Dam in Japan, after a Buddhist prayer is offered.

VJ_blog 3 image2

The crystals arrange themselves into a magnificent pattern of harmony and geometry.
Its the same water, before and after, albeit it polluted before. Once the Buddhist monk (Reverend Kato Hoki, chief priest of Jyuhouin Temple) offered a prayer over it for one hour. Prayer, that’s sound coupled with intention, seems to have an extraordinary ability to restore the water back to its natural, harmonious, geometric symmetry.

With regard to the molecular structure of water, our intent (thoughts), words, ideas and music have a profound healing or destructive effect on the water.

Why should you care about this:  because every human being is 70% water — Ultimately it means that what we think creates our reality, not just emotionally but physically.  What we say to ourselves is changing the entire make up of our systems.  So when you say bad stuff to yourself, its changing your DNA, RNA, your cells.  And as science shows us, all disease comes form cells that are unharmonious, the more that are unharmonious the more that create long term disease.

Why am I telling you this?

Some smarty pants people decided to make a business around this idea.

VJ_blog3 image 3Blue Bottle Love:

This company makes beautiful blue bottles engraved with the words like: Gratitude, Love, Blessings, Be the Change, Awakening, Abundance, Balance.

Words with so much energy of goodness and positivity.  These are the types of gifts I give to people.  I sent one to a friend who had lost one of her family, a bottle of Love.  So that everytime she drank from it, she remembered her loved one.

VJ_blog 3 image4

The other company is Spoken Glass

My friend Conor Gaffney started this company, run out of his garage in Venice, California.  He makes beautiful alternatives to plastic engraved with words that have meaning.  Again these words are infused with goodness and love. It all goes back to the idea of what we say to water changes the make up of it.    He has affirmations like Love, Be love etc.  He also sacred images like the Flower of Life, OM, lotus flowers.

these are great examples of what an idea can become. So, what it means for you:   keep you eyes open around you for ideas, ideas are the foundation of everything.  You may find a small little idea, that could become the basis for your own passion fuelled business.

May you be brimming with ideas.

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