Gratitude Wall

Lately I have come to realise, quite painfully, that I have been ungrateful for much of my life, ungrateful for the people I had in my life, ungrateful for the love I was freely given, for the incredible opportunities and experiences and people I have known, even the places I have been, like living in Paris, Dublin, Barcelona and LA… Its not a great feeling when you realise that you haven’t been present for much of the amazing life you have lived.

I am a very curious and deep thinker/feeler, so I naturally want to know why and find a solution.  I kept the usual ‘gratitude journal’  so many people talk about ever since Oprah told us we needed one but I am a visual person and writing in mine journal just didn’t connect me to anything.

So I created a Gratitude Wall and it has been so great.  I look at it above my desk every single day and I am much more connected  to the people on it. I have my parents, my dearest friends, lots of children who I love, photos of special moments I never want to forget…above that is a canvas withe all the things I am desiring to create, places I want to go, people I want to meet, experiences I want to have (oh and the house I am going to buy) and underneath I have pieces that represent important things to me – i have Quan Yin – the goddess of Compassion,  lots of crystals that I have collected, a photo of me as inspiration, candles, a photo of someone I love, gifts from people and cards with beautiful words that have been written to me.  Its more than my gratitude wall, its my altar.  Every day I get to worship at it and appreciate and love up people, ideas memories and desires.

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