“Its always been a dream for me to have an interview series where I get to speak to amazing people who inspire me, peak my curiosity and move me.

I get to travel the world and spend time with writers, artists, musicians, actors, designers, creatives, entrepreneurs – people with an interesting story as to why they do what they do, a talent that is undeniable and a deep enthusiasm for their work.
These are the change makers, the trail blazers, the ones who are quietly or not so quietly doing amazing things creativity.

We have passed through the Age of Information and are now in the age of creativity and this is a place to get to know these people in a very different way.

Hearing about their rituals and habits, their broken open moments, their relationship with their creativity and talent.

Stories are as old as the ages, and are deeply entrenched in our culture. These stories and interviews are something I am very proud of, and I really hope you enjoy them”

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