Some things my clients wanted to share

Joanne Melluso – Writer

“Vanessa is a bright spark, full of innovating ideas which open you up to possibilities to keep you moving forward in today’s society. She knows her stuff and brings new light to situations that seem stagnant. Her sharp vision and sanguinity are inspiring and infectious. She’s an architect in the field of modern day marketing”...Continue Reading


Nikki Manno – Feng Shui for Success

“To me, Vanessa is quite literally an ‘idea entrepreneur’. Ideas simply flow from her! She was brilliant in showing me how I could bring forth my own ideas for blogs, articles and other pieces of writing, and in particular, how to connect what is going on in the media to my work”Continue Reading


Patricia Mauerhofer –

“Dear Vanessa, can I throw some money at you please? The value I got from your Creative Content Solution is priceless. I claim that my special gift is to read people like a book – this is exactly what YOU did with me AND more!”…Continue Reading


Giselle Noguera –

I met the amazing Vanessa Pannikote a little over a year ago. I felt instantly at ease in our first interaction and was genuinely touched by her warm and jovial spirit. Before Vanessa came into my life I was surrounded by well meaning friends and family who”…Continue Reading


Rebecca Pura

This is a game changer


Brendan Tobin – Business Consultant

In the age of social media and digital marketing getting your brand right has become more critical than ever before. Vanessa is a competent, authentic and caring professional who is excellent at helping others develop their own personal and company brands. She works from the ground up to help others uncover their real self and in turn, to develop their real brand. Vanessa always does this with passion and pure perfection.


Peter Clifford –

I have been working with Vanessa for the last 6 month on my business project. It has been such a pleasure and an incredible journey in one. Vanessa knows how to challenge me on all levels to make sure I fully understand the thought processes behind creating”…Continue Reading


Kate Hopkins

I have done programs like these before but never with personal attention, the key is having someone who can make sense of it all. I have learnt that we can’t usually see our own stuff. Just brilliant, thank you Vanessa.


Jean Paul Lepin

“I had no idea of how powerful I am, or rather my mind is. Thank you so much Vanessa, my whole life is different now.  I feel different, I interact differently with others and I now create what I actually do want not want I don’t want”.

4_gold-lineKathryn Lang

“I could not have done this program with just a workbook. Having you to guide me and explain everything was the only reason I got so much out of it.  I will never try to do it all by myself again, having personal service is the answer love all the work you do”.


Vanessa Loder –

“I feel unbelievably lucky to have had the honor of working with Vanessa on my brand. She is so much more than a brand marketer – she is a genius at her craft. .  Vanessa really helped me to excavate my highest self and distill that into a brand.”…Continue Reading


Tony Milstead – Environmental Business Consultant

“Vanessa came into my life at the most perfect moment.  She so easily helped me to clarify what I was wanting to do into a realistic business with tangible products and services. The mix of Vanessa’s gift of intuition and solid business and marketing/pr skills”…Continue Reading


Paula Lacobara – Health and Empowerment Expert

“You are a true Alchemist Vanessa. You are a magician in what you do. Your SHARP INTUITION still amazes me every time we work together. You are a true GIFT to this world! Thank you for sharing it with us”…Continue Reading

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