Giselle came to me wanting so much to design her own business, share her unique message with the world and to become recognised as a true expert in her field.  Having worked as an Aestheticienne, for many years she did not know how to go about creating her empire;  her products, packages or the business experience people will have with her.   Today she does what she excels at and loves!

I met the amazing Vanessa Pannikote a little over a year ago. I felt instantly at ease in our first interaction and was genuinely touched by her warm and jovial spirit. Before Vanessa came into my life I was surrounded by well meaning friends and family who didn’t see the value of me wanting to move forward in creating my own business. Vanessa was the first person to recognize my intuitive gifts as something I could be of service with and actually monetize. What I’ve really appreciated about her is that she has always believed in my dream even when I couldn’t believe in it myself. She never once doubted that what I wanted to achieve as a dating coach and entrepreneur was a possibility. In her mind it was always a given. She not only holds my hand when I’m scared to take on an unknown task but she puts love into my projects as if they were her own.

I used to think the way you start a business is by hammering away at a to-do list until it was done. For me that’s a very uninspiring way to work. She’s given me the tools to engage my inner guidance which at times will lead me to take nature walks or play in the park with my daughter and I end up getting the motivation to finish in 3 hours what I hadn’t been able to do in a week. As a result, sometimes through sheer passion for the research and writing I do on relationships, I’m vibrating so high that unforeseen opportunities and doors open up to me from random strangers on the street! Anything from getting featured in European publications to speaking engagements. And just when I thought I might be reaching the finish line to one of my dream projects, she holds an even bigger vision for me to grow in to. Which I have to tell you feels amazing to have her in my corner rooting for my success.

Because I live in such a creative place in my mind, I needed the help of someone that was equally imaginative who could understand my gifts but also grounded to keep me focused on the physical nuts and bolts of creating a business. She has a razor sharp focus, always guiding me to stay on the right path. I never feel at a loss wondering what my next step should be, which was my pattern when I was trying to go at this alone. Not to mention, she’s super fun and it never feels like “work” when we’re having our sessions together.

I highly recommend Vanessa as a bad-ass success strategist. I have a policy in my life to only take advice from people who already have what I want. Vanessa knows what she’s talking about. She lives and breathes her message. Watching her be on purpose with her business and living a grand life of passion, traveling to exotic locations and having her success is a constant motivator for me to know I can do it too..

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