“Vanessa is a bright spark, full of innovating ideas which open you up to possibilities to keep you moving forward in today’s society. She knows her stuff and brings new light to situations that seem stagnant. Her sharp vision and sanguinity are inspiring and infectious. She’s an architect in the field of modern day marketing.

With the hope of enhancing my writing career, Vanessa’s creative brilliance brought me more than I had expected. With new perspectives, I’ve been able to flourish in various ways and would not have thought to do so much of what I’m currently doing if she hadn’t provided the fruitful seeds for me to plant. Vanessa has shown me how to create a personal platform in which I can share my passion and purpose with the world. I wasn’t looking for a mentor but I believe Vanessa came to me through fate and I’m grateful every day for it. What she has brought to my life, and not just professionally, has been invaluable.

My decision to work with her was to help me take the next step in my writing career and while working on this, we also focused on many other areas of my life that were just as important. She has opened me up to new perspectives which have helped me flourish in various ways. I had a good idea of where I wanted to go but would not have thought to do so much of what I’m currently doing to get there and would still be idle if Vanessa hadn’t shown me the way. She has played a massive role in preparing me for success in a way that I would not have otherwise known.

Her energy and knowledge are inspiring and her enthusiasm for life is contagious. I’m in a very different place to where I was before I met Vanessa and truly could not be happier that she miraculously came into my life. I feel that things are now falling into place and the majority of that has to do with the work I’ve done with this awesome woman.”

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