Peter came to me knowing he wanted to create his High Performance Sports Consultancy, with such an intensity and passion, we joked he wanted it more than he wanted to breathe. HIs passion for high performance and belief in actually helping people to achieve it is unmatched! He worked in his day job and wanted to transition out of this to working around the world with elite athletes and doing luxury intensive camps in amazing locations around the world, consulting to only the most commited of athletes who want greatness.  He has succeeded!  In Peter’s own words:

“I have been working with Vanessa for the last 6 month on my business project. It has been such a pleasure and an incredible journey in one. Vanessa knows how to challenge me on all levels to make sure I fully understand the thought processes behind creating a successful business and the requirements to make it all happen. We have been through a thorough process of establishing my vision and going into complete depth to know what that vision truly means. Then each session we would work hard to ensure I was on track. I highly recommend Vanessa to anybody that is wanting an expert in this field and someone that is willing to push you to new levels of success.”

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