Tony began our work together not having any  remote idea of what he could achieve or do with his talents, gifts and strengths.  He had been made redundant and didn’t know what to do next with his life.  In the middle part of his life, he couldn’t fathom that he still had so much to offer and we had such a great time discovering his creative self and designing his wildly successful business enterprise.  Tony wanted to share:

“Vanessa came into my life at the most perfect moment.  She so easily helped me to clarify what I was wanting to do into a realistic business with tangible products and services.The mix of Vanessa’s gift of intuition and solid business and marketing/pr skills is very unique and truly valuable. I can’t believe after only having worked with her for such a short period of time, all I have already achieved.  I will be keeping her around to help me shape the business going forward for sure!”

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