Vanessa began her work with me with just the seed of  vision for something magnificent.  Coming from the world of high finance on Wall Street, she felt a deep yearning for more for herself and her life.  She craved a deeper connection for herself and for what work she wanted to do in the world.  Highly intelligent and passionate, she was open to being guided by me to design something truly unique and different, certainly worlds away from her Wall Street days.  Vanessa says:

“I feel unbelievably lucky to have had the honor of working with Vanessa on my brand. She is so much more than a brand marketer – she is a genius at her craft.  Vanessa really helped me to excavate my highest self and distill that into a brand. She guided me through the process with ease and joy – I never knew it could be FUN to work on creating my brand!  Vanessa truly held my hand throughout the process, she was very responsive and made me feel like she would do whatever it took to make sure I was getting everything I needed. Vanessa also shared several powerful insights with me which had a huge”positive impact on my business. She truly has a gift for collaborating in the creation of a unique brand vision and translating that vision into tangible products. Vanessa is worth her weight in gold!”

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