Expressing Your True Self on Screen

I can help you to truly connect with your audience and promote your brand by telling your unique story on film


Dear Friend,

I see you.

A  creative soul. An  entrepreneurial spirit.

You design and craft beautiful things. You inspire others with your vision and purpose, through powerful expression, connection and meaning.

Your personal story is entwined with the essence of what you do. It defines who you are, your work and your brand.

You are a luminary. Someone with an intensity of light that, when captured, will give a glimpse into your magnificent soul.

But capturing this luminescence and sharing it with potential collaborators and clients isn’t easy.

Because you are more than what words on an ‘About’ page can say. It’s only through the screen your soul can truly radiate and attract others to your flame.


How I help

I know you have doubts. Maybe you feel you won’t be able to express your story on camera? Or that you don’t have anything interesting to say? These are fears every creative has. We aspire for perfection and have imaginations that quickly usurp reality.

I understand. I’ve been there too.

The film I will help you to create will be a beautiful piece of visual art. A film you can use to promote your creativity, share your story and be your genuine, real and honest self.

This is why I can help you to create a film

Because it’s the real you people want to see.The world is saturated with contrived marketing and advertising. It’s authenticity, warts and all, people crave. Heart to heart. Soul to soul. An intimate connection that makes them fall in love with you and your story.

Because it’s your story that’s the key to your creativity and success.


I have had the greatest pleasure learning from you Vanessa, a truly inspired cinematographer.
In the last 4 weeks I’ve done 28 estimates, with only 3 saying no! Not yet anyway. And such cool stuff is just happening. The Telegraph newspaper called last week.

I’ve just shot half a dozen short videos for and they all said, WOW, you’re good at this (that’s YOUR fault Vanessa), would you like to showcase your business and a clients garden in a magazine article we’re doing soon? We’ve also got a bundle of articles coming up, can you and your business be our go to guy? Umm?? Arrrr…. well… ok FAR OUT Vanessa! By Jove, you’ve done it! Your film has, and will continue to do so, worked its MAGIC. You’ve imbibed it with some MagicVanessaNature juju.

If you are wanting to share yourself with the world, visit with Vanessa.
She WILL light the way forward.

John McMillan
General Lawns and Landscapes

Curious about what your film might look like? Take a look at mine.

What we’ll do

The film we create will be part bio, part intimate portrait and part promotional story.

Our film will not simply be an interview, face to camera. It will be so much more.

It will be something you can share with the media, your clients, potential collaborators, your audience. It will be a way of connecting with anyone you want to know your authentic self. It allows you to pull back the curtain and reveal who you truly are.

The film we create will be a short but impactful film about you, your life, and your work and will let people see you, feel you. Up close and personal. Not photoshopped, wordsmithed and cropped until your authentic self is lost.

Blending my lifetime of experience in visual arts, neuroscience, marketing, film, healing and empowerment, I will help you to create a handcrafted story. A visual feast that draws the watcher into your unique world.

It will share your abundance of creativity, adventurousness, uniqueness, inner joy, beauty and light. I will help you to draw out your stories, even the ones you may not think are interesting, but contain the small details that echo deeply with people, your people, the ones you want to see and work with you.

The way these stories will be presented will be like the trailer to a wondrous story. A cinematic exploration of the journey of discovery that working with you will be.

There is no content to display.

How we will work together

Before we can tell your story on film, we need to get to know each other.

Our relationship begins with you pressing the button at the bottom of the page and completing a quick questionnaire.

If our expectations match and we agree to work together, we will then progress to speaking on the phone.

Here we will take a deep dive into understanding your story and how we will tell it.

During the calls, we will work on the structure of your story, on its true message and how to film it. This process ensures the film is a collaborative vision that will enhance all you are and shine a wonderful light on the talents you have to offer.

I will then scout for the perfect location that will provide a beautiful backdrop for sharing your story,

Creating your story on the screen will then take one full day to film.


What you will gain

Your incredible experience will include:


Symbol An exclusive full day spent face-to-face
Symbol Healthy juices, tea and wholesome snacks and lunch
Symbol Meditation and a heart opening practices to prepare you for filming
Symbol A full day shooting at our chosen locations
Symbol One round of edits of film
Symbol Delivery of the film within six weeks
Symbol Two versions: a short version and a long one
Symbol If there is enough material, a blooper reel to use in your promotions



So let’s begin our journey together.

Simply press the button below and answer a few questions so I can begin to know more about you. Because as your film will reveal, you have a story the world needs to hear.

I am scheduled to film in Australia, US, Canada and the UK over the next 3-4 months so please get in touch below to check my availability.



P.S. Are you curious about what it’s like to work with me?

Here’s a sneak peak!