I wish my 18 year old self listened….

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See this picture attached, its from a career psychologist I saw back in 1989, 26 years ago.  Long time!  The reason I have it here is to show what the recommended career choices for me were, based on my skills, natural aptitudes, psychological leaning.  This was done after extensive testing, I saw this guy for a period of about 6 months to determine what would be the best suited career for me.

If you can see it clearly, it interestingly says that my career should have a high level of people contact, be in entertainment, communications, and that my creative expression will get stronger as a get older. To tell the truth, I haven’t look at it in 26 years.  Sometimes I wish I had listened to it.

Why do I share this with you?

I spent my entire life going against this recommendation, doing things that frankly were things that I didn’t have a natural inclination for, and I wondered why they were so hard. So I urge you to discover what you are naturally good at, and nurture that.   If you kids are naturally good at something, nurture that.  You will find an ease that is like nothing you have known.  It still takes work to get there, but it feels so incredibly different, almost like you were born to do it (I believe that is how you know what were meant to do, it feels easy)

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