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Be who everyone is talking about

Do you ever have this conversation with yourself?

I know I need to communicate with my audience more.

But what do I say? I don’t know what to share.

Should I post this, or this?

Is it relevant?

Will they care?

Will it work?

And then your brain melts and you either take no action, or you hastily put something out there that doesn’t relate to your overall message and generates zero response.

Either way, your business isn’t growing as quickly as it could be because you lack consistent content that connects to the core values of your business and therefore the hearts of your audience.
You know that if you don’t communicate with people, you won’t have a business, but the constant questioning & content creation is depleting the joy you once felt for your business.

You need a way to market your business that positions you as an interesting, engaging and aspirational brand.

You need a simple way to present your brand and yourself that doesn’t leave you feeling vulnerable and drained.

What if you had a veritable treasure trove of customized content at your fingertips so you’d never again have to wonder what to say?

Because here’s the thing, when you’re ready with content and opinions you become more relevant, you become the go-to expert, and your business takes off.

When you have a ready-made toolbox of stories, content, and messaging, you’re able thrive in the public eye.

With a customized creative & strategic content system for your business, you’ll be confident, focused, and can authentically reveal exactly what’s necessary in order to make a big impact on your ideal audience.


A bespoke communications package that positions your business as an attention worthy thought leader of your industry.

The Creative Content Solution is perfect for you if you:

  • Regularly find yourself stuck for content ideas
  • Don’t generate engagement with your content
  • Desire a strategy that supports your natural communication style
  • Have tried creating social media strategies for yourself, but can’t seem to stick to them
  • Want to cut down on the time you spend creating content
  • Aren’t growing your business and community as quickly as you’d like
  • Struggle with the big picture of your content and how it all relates to your core message
  • Don’t know where to start to bring the ‘news-worthy’ stories out of your business
  • Want to get media attention to leverage your exposure, but have no clue where to begin.
  • Feel frustrated that you just can’t do this marketing thing for your business no matter how hard you try…even though you know you need to

The Creative Content Solution kit contains all the elements necessary to get the attention your business needs without ever leaving your comfort zone or stressing over what to share.




Dear Vanessa, can I throw some money at you please? The value I got from your Creative Content Solution is priceless. I claim that my special gift is to read people like a book – this is exactly what YOU did with me AND more! I now have the ‘big picture’, a clear and concise strategy on how to position myself and how to share my message and love. Instead of struggling my way through the Social Media Jungle with a lot of effort in my quest to stay authentic I now know exactly what I shall do in a joyful way while playing to my strengths. Thanks to your out-of-the-box and unique approach I somehow magically can pull together all the threads of my personal interests and the expertise I have acquired during my professional life.
And as the cherry on the cake you also uncovered a deep, glowing wish I had been hiding inside me for many years. I feel like the wide awaken Sleeping Beauty after a kiss from a Strategic Muse. Women like us don’t need princes to share our gifts with the world. We need to inspire and to empower each other, the way you just did for me. Thank you!
Woman on a mission what are you waiting for? Go and get the Creative Content Solution and get inspired by Vanessa’s magic.

Patricia Mauerhofer –


Hi I’m Vanessa, your creative communication strategist.muse-picture

Over the years I have spent thousands of hours studying with and following some of the brightest minds in marketing, media, entrepreneurship, social media, and cultural leadership.

A while back, I pulled together all the secrets the guru’s had taught me and created a toolbox for my own business that finally made social media, PR and marketing feel comfortable and authentic.

Recognizing the struggle most of my colleagues encountered with generating content, I started creating these toolboxes for others.

Business owners who had been fighting to get attention for their business now had a proven & relevant kit of content they could turn to.

Suddenly media and garnering attention for their business didn’t feel hard anymore. My clients have become Huffington Post contributors, speakers, gained the attention of national associations, and traveled for months on end with a portable business.

Using my extensive background in human psychology and experience working with the media, I will create a package that binds your business’ core values with what is relevant in the world today – thus leveraging your efforts and getting you more attention than you thought possible.

As a strongly creative individual with an extensive understanding of the landscapes of business, media and humanity today, I can read between the lines of your business and create elements of content that have a huge impact with your tribe and help you get the attention you deserve.




To me, Vanessa is quite literally an ‘idea entrepreneur’. Ideas simply flow from her! She was brilliant in showing me how I could bring forth my own ideas for blogs, articles and other pieces of writing, and in particular, how to connect what is going on in the media to my work.

Vanessa’s ability to help people get their dream off the ground seems to lend itself to any business, no matter what the industry or project is. She will help you to connect your ideas with the outside world.

If you are short of inspiration, Vanessa will help with that!You will create a business using concepts that come from deep within yourself and completely resonant with what you originally wanted but could not previously put a name or form to.
I highly recommend Vanessa, and will continue to use her services in the future.

Nikki Manno, Feng Shui for Success

 Why The Creative Content Solution?

The Creative Content Solution is different from a simple social media or communications strategy in that it digs deep into your personal story, the one that got you where you are today.
It’s backed by extensive research into your industry, and based in genuine sharing and communication that comes from your core message and values.

It sets you up to engage in local or national media.

It gives you perfectly aligned content for every occasion that generates engagement with your tribe.

It ensures you’ll never be stuck for content ideas again.

And it gives you the context in which to share them. Because learning where to share your content is just as important as sharing it.

The Creative Content Solution means you’ll have the confidence to communicate consistently in the right places, positioning you as an attention worthy thought leader with whom people want to engage.




Wow, what a refreshing approach to media and getting our message into the hands of the right people.

Vanessa makes you realise that so many other ‘marketers’ out there are just over-complicating things.

If you’re a creative, sensitive business owner struggling to be heard Vanessa shows you how to communicate & market yourself elegantly and organically without leaving your comfort zone.

Orissa Feeney – Business Strategist


What You’ll Receive (The Details)

Each package is completely bespoke and customized to YOUR business. Here’s what you’ll receive…

  • Your Core Message. This is the foundation of all your communication, it’s the common thread that everything relates to. It’s your value, and why people will care and listen to you.
  • Your Top 2 or 3 Social Media Platforms. I carefully research the right social media platforms for your specific business so you can stop wondering where to be.
  • 100 Creative Content Ideas relevant to your business to use as prompts for creating content in any format. The content ideas will help you to open up and expand your communication repertoire so that you can easily knock out consistent blog posts, social posts, newsletters and much more.
  • 5 Carefully Curated Editions of Your Personal Stories. Based on the details you provide I will identify your 5 most potent and pertinent stories and show you how and where to use them in your communication to connect with your ideal audience.
  • Your 20 Power Words– Your power words light you up and add flavour to your writing. People will associate them with you and your business, creating more points of recognition for your tribe.
  • 10-15 Relevant Hashtags For Your Business– Hashtags are powerful, but often misused tools that have a huge affect on your visibility. When used correctly people will find you and connect you with your area of expertise. By implementing your hashtags you’ll increase your leads and new followers in your community.
  • 10 Keyword & Keyword Phrases that are on topic and on brand for you. You can stop messing around with out of scope keywords that will never give you the traction you need.
  • 5 Examples of How to Link Current Media Trends To Your Business– You’ll understand how to leverage current media trends to gain exposure for your business through the media now and in the future.
  • Media Sheet– If you want media exposure, you’ll need a media sheet. It contains your small bio, topics of expertise, photo and logo that you can send to local and national media to be featured in the media by providing an opinion on a current topic.
  • Your Signature Platform aka The Thing You’re Known For– The name, format, and delivery style of something you can use to communicate with your audience. For example it could be a short TV show, a web-tv show, a magazine style email newsletter, a talk show, an eBook, a weekly in-person meet up etc. I’ll give you insight on what would work best for you.

Your personalized communications kit gives you the elements you need to deliver content that grows your business and creates connections in a fun and natural way






Vanessa is a bright spark, full of innovating ideas which open you up to possibilities to keep you moving forward in today’s society. She knows her stuff and brings new light to situations that seem stagnant. Her sharp vision and sanguinity are inspiring and infectious. She’s an architect in the field of modern day marketing.

With the hope of enhancing my writing career, Vanessa’s creative brilliance brought me more than I had expected. With new perspectives, I’ve been able to flourish.
Vanessa has shown me how to create a personal platform in which I can share my passion and purpose with the world.

Joanne Melluso, Writer



What happens after you order



1 Click the PURCHASE NOW button, and you will see a secure checkout page where you can enter your billing details.

2 After you complete the order, you will receive a Thank you Email with the comprehensive questionnaire. You spend your time filling that out, and when you are ready, send it back to me.

3 Within 4-6 weeks, you will receive your lovingly crafted, comprehensively curated Creative Content Solution document, straight to your inbox.

Frequently Asked Questions

So often beautiful stories aren’t heard and amazing businesses aren’t seen because they lack the right communication strategy.

Don’t let that be your story.

It’s time to get the attention your business deserves.


“How can you squander even one more day not taking advantage of the greatest shifts of our generation? How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?”

– Seth Godin. Best Selling Author


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