The Creative Spark Sessions

Imagine starting each day focused, confident and full of creative energy. You know exactly where to aim your energy in your current creative project. You’re full of inspiration and you’re ready to get IT done.

Imagine opening your inbox one Friday morning only to discover an unusual email from the Director of Vivid Sydney. He has miraculously not only heard of you and seen your work, but wants YOU to collaborate on a project for this beloved annual festival!

Imagine picking up Vogue magazine and flicking to the Cate Blachett editorial. There, around Cate’s elegant neck, is your necklace – the piece you designed in your very own workshop. The article mentions that Cate brought the piece along herself – it’s one her new discoveries and a personal favourite.

Ready for these stories to become reality?


Read on.

The Creative Spark Sessions are for those beginning or in the midst of a creative project who need a second opinion, a muse to inspire them, a creative strategy to move through some blocks or work on character development.

It is for those wanting to know how to market a product or how to develop an idea to the point of profit.

Our session/s can focus on audience insight, fleshing out your brand story or simply help if you have lost your train of creative thought.

Whatever it is you’re stuck on, we’ll work through it  together to get you moving again towards your goals.




“Vanessa is a bright spark, full of innovating ideas which open you up to possibilities to keep you moving forward in today’s society. She knows her stuff and brings new light to situations that seem stagnant. Her sharp vision and sanguinity are inspiring and infectious. She’s an architect in the field of modern day marketing.

With the hope of enhancing my writing career, Vanessa’s creative brilliance brought me more than I had expected. With new perspectives, I’ve been able to flourish in various ways and would not have thought to do so much of what I’m currently doing if she hadn’t provided the fruitful seeds for me to plant. Vanessa has shown me how to create a personal platform in which I can share my passion and purpose with the world. I wasn’t looking for a mentor but I believe Vanessa came to me through fate and I’m grateful every day for it. What she has brought to my life, and not just professionally, has been invaluable.

My decision to work with her was to help me take the next step in my writing career and while working on this, we also focused on many other areas of my life that were just as important. She has opened me up to new perspectives which have helped me flourish in various ways. I had a good idea of where I wanted to go but would not have thought to do so much of what I’m currently doing to get there and would still be idle if Vanessa hadn’t shown me the way. She has played a massive role in preparing me for success in a way that I would not have otherwise known.

Her energy and knowledge are inspiring and her enthusiasm for life is contagious. I’m in a very different place to where I was before I met Vanessa and truly could not be happier that she miraculously came into my life. I feel that things are now falling into place and the majority of that has to do with the work I’ve done with this awesome woman.

Joanne Melluso

Thanks to my creative mentoring, you will:

  • Believe in your creativity and make it work for you
  • Get over creative blocks and the fear of failure
  • Become excited by your ideas and your imagination
  • Become more perceptive in life and work
  • Find inspiration in the world around you
  • Engage your curiosity and sense of wonder
  • Give yourself the time, permission and nourishment to do creative work
  • View creativity not only as a means to an end but as a way of living your life
  • Learn about the benefits of routine
  • Become fearless and experimental

What you can expect from my creative mentoring?

  • Your creative idea or venture will become a tangible reality, in whatever form you desire
  • You will be able to boldly, vividly and successfully express your inner world outwardly
  • You will be more in touch with your skills, abilities and strengths
  • You will be more confident
  • You will be able to focus on your projects – with an innovative edge
  • You will build a strong creative foundation within you, giving your creativity the direction and attention it deserves
  • No more starving artist – you will make money from your creativity 

How does it work?

I will become your support system. I will keep you inspired, curious and experimental. Open your mind to a new world of experiences and perspectives. I’ll be by your side to exploring and investigating different methods of expression – especially delving into those that suit your style and personality. We will focus on what you want to create and I will make suggestions, bring up ideas, act as your sounding board and be your biggest cheerleader.

Who am I?

A creative provocateur.

An instigator of innovation.

A brand alchemist.

You can find out more about me here.




“Prior to creating my business, I had a general idea of how I wanted it to be, along with ideas that swirled around with no particular form. Luckily for me, I met Vanessa. She has an uncanny ability to draw out your unique talents and show you ways in which you can use those same talents and innate qualities to differentiate yourself from others.  

To me, Vanessa is quite literally an ‘idea entrepreneur’. Ideas simply flow from her! I have now compiled a long list of ideas she has given me for future writing. Vanessa was brilliant in showing me how I could bring forth my own ideas for blogs, articles and other pieces of writing, and in particular, how to connect what is going on in the media to my work.

I have seen her use her amazing creativity to help not just myself, but also many others. Vanessa’s ability to help people get their dream off the ground seems to lend itself to any business, no matter what the industry or project is. She will help you to connect your ideas with the outside world. If you are short of inspiration, Vanessa will help with that also! Before you know it, you will have created a business using concepts that come from deep within yourself and completely resonant with what you originally wanted but could not previously put a name or form to.  

I highly recommend Vanessa, and will continue to use her services in the future”

Nikki Manno

Who is it for?

This program is for creative entrepreneurs, artists, writers, short film makers, designers, product designers, musicians, playwrights, photographers and videographers, artisans of any sort.

The details:

Depending on your project needs and your personal desires we can either get together for a one off session or work together for 8 to 12 weeks.

**One off sessions are 120 minutes via Google Hangout or in person if you are in Sydney, Australia.

Investment: $500 AUD (+GST if applicable)

**8 or 12 week mentoring includes weekly Google Hangout sessions where we jam for 60-90 minutes.

Investment: $5000 AUD for 12 weeks.

I will be there for you, at your side, sharing the whole experience – helping you create.



“The only unique contribution that we will ever make in this world will be born out of our creativity”

Brene Brown


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