The Visual Media Project

Picture this: The screen is dark. A logo appears. Followed by a title – “A Kat Coiro Film”.

“Departure Date” flips over on the screen and we cut to a man with a suitcase rushing to catch his flight.

What follows is an epic love story filmed at 35,000 feet that runs for just 26 minutes – it’s an ad for Virgin, but not like the ones you see during a television commercial break.

No in your face advertising. No shmick or sleazy sales tactics. Simply a beautiful story that just happens to take place on a number of Virgin flights.

Virgin has tapped into something amazingly powerful – they understand that people learn through stories, they fall in love through stories, they are entertained through stories, they connect through stories.

Our challenge is this: finding fresh and creative ways of telling our stories and showcasing our businesses (just like Virgin did with Departure Date).

But don’t worry, we’ve got your back!

Short films, iconic brand videos, scripted and branded video entertainment – these are some of the ways we can make you stand out

We all know businesses use advertising on television, the internet or cinema to tell their stories. Your business, brand or product are no different – you need a film, video series, promotional masterpiece of your own!

Funny, serious, informative, light, happy, creative. Whatever it is you need, we will tell the story through visual media.

“Everything is a conversation really.”

Anselmo Ramos, the creative behind the mega success of Dove Real Beauty Sketches video campaign that has had over 8.6 million views on YouTube.

His creative philosophy:

“Consumers are ready to engage with brands. We just need to entertain them.”

Not entirely sure what we’re talking about?

Here are some amazing examples from some of the world’s biggest brands (chances are you may have already seen one or two – they tend to go viral!):


Feeling inspired? Us too.

Its not just one dimensional story telling. We use multimedia to showcase your business, brand or person. Each video experience is entirely bespoke and especially created for your audience. 

How does it work?

We start with an incredibly detailed questionnaire and then move onto a meeting to discuss what we can create together. Once we’ve got our white hot idea, we storyboard everything out and come up with a film schedule. All the details are sent to you and we go ahead and make some magic together.

Sound simple?  It is.

We use your genius, your story, plus Vanessa’s intuitive abilities and extensive experience, to bring together a truly inspired, stand-out visual media piece.

Get in touch now to bring your story to life.

From $2000 AUD  (+GST if applicable)



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